In 1964, I got my first pony – I was 4 and Sugar was 2.

I fell in love!  44 years later, many states later, and many, many horses later, I am still in love and can’t imagine my  life without these special companions.

This love is what drove me to open the doors on My Epiphany Stables in 2004, in Wadsworth, Illinois – a small, private barn that specializes in the rehabilitation of performance horses and the special needs of those horses entering their retirement years.

My Epiphany Stables is a place where a horse can just be a horse again – no performance anxiety, no big barn stress, and no expectations.  Just lots of turnout, rolling in the sunshine and eating grass.

It is also a place where we believe it takes teamwork to help the rehab horse and provide special care for the retirement horse.  We have a great team of folks in our barn staff, veterinarian, farrier, nutritionist, and chiropractor.  Or we can work with your team to ensure your special equine gets everything they need.

If you have a horse with special needs, contact us – let us show you how we can help.  At My Epiphany Stables, we don’t just say it’s “Where Your Horse Really Matters” – we live it – every day!

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