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This mantra has driven us to research and find some of the best articles out there on a variety of issues – nutrition, laminitis, EPM, holistic medicines, stable management – just to mention a few and we would like to share some of those sites with you.  As a barn that specializes in rehabilitation for equine athletes and in custom care for retirement horses, we have to stay on top of the most current information out there.

This dedication to the horse has allowed us to be able to work with some really great people as well and they too have a story to tell.  Some of their sites are listed below for your reference.

We intend to keep this page fresh and add/delete links as necessary.  If we come across something good that might help the rest of you equestrians out there, we want to share.  Always for the good of the horse!

NUTRITION Equine Health through Nutrition
Here’s one fact that every horse owner should know: almost every equine ailment can be improved and supported by good natural nutritional management. The mission at KAM Animal Services is to help you to implement a specific, well balanced diet for your horse using high quality natural feeds. Their products are carefully formulated and monitored to maintain the highest standards of quality, purity, and effectiveness.
Advanced Biological Concepts® provides your horse with the best nutrition through the latest technology. All satisfied users of A.B.C.’s products report reduced feed bills, better attitude, increased resistance to harmful bacteria outbreaks, sound hoof development, unbelievable hair shine, with general overall improved health.

We changed over to these pellets from the traditional wood shavings and we have never looked back!  They are almost dust-free, twice as absorbent, waste is minimal, and time picking stalls has been cut in half.  Perfect for those horses with asthma or other respiratory issues.  These may not be for every barn, as you need to wet them down in order for them to expand and become soft – but they are perfect for our barn and the horses in our care!


This company is cutting edge on regenerative technology.  A client’s two-year-old Warmblood decided to put his leg through a trough feeder requiring four hours of surgery and hundreds of stitches to reattach the skin.  After eight days this horse  chewed all of the stitches out, ripped the dead skin off (in spite of having a cradle on his neck) and did even more damage.  At the end of six weeks in the clinic, we brought him home and administered EquusCell Stem Wrap Plus directly on the wound, plus did six injections around the wound of 2cc’s stem cell.  Within 14 days the wound was healing and hair was actually growing back! With 120 days, there is hardly any wound left. This technology is like nothing you have ever seen!
Like the website you see here – these guys did it!  They are great and work with small businesses very well – they can fit the budget you have for any of your communication needs – they will give you what you need and won’t sell you on things you don’t.
We have used this breakthrough stem cell treatment on a 13-year-old TB Horse that could not even walk across the driveway when she first came due to an injury.  Within 3 months post injection she is back to ground work, pain free and no sign of lameness.  We have Dr. John Hanover to thank for bringing this treatment to our attention!