We are a small, private barn that is dedicated to show horses needing time off for injuries, stress, anxiety or just some good ol’ R&R – a horse rehab center if you will.

We also cater to these same type of horses that are ready for their retirement years – they still want to be treated like a show horse – groomed, bathed, blanketed, coddled, brought in at night – but they are ready for grassy turnouts and the easy life away from the show arena.

In keeping with our mantra, Where Your Horse Really Matters, we designed My Epiphany Stables to be tailored for what was best for them.  After all, according to Joe Fargis, when asked in an interview, “what’s the most important thing he has learned?” to which he replied, “It’s all about the horse – the horse always comes first.”


  • We’re not a show barn
  • We don’t give training lessons
  • We don’t have an indoor arena
  • We don’t have special amenities for riders – just for horses
  • We don’t have mud paddocks
  • We don’t have broken fence, and
  • We don’t approach any horse’s nutrition with a cookie cutter approach – each horse receives personalized attention.

Our amenities include: